Keruing Hardwood

Product: Keruing / Apitong

KERUING TREE: Reaches heights of over 100-200 feet (25-45 meters). Diameters of up to 3-6 feet (.75 – 1.5 meters). Usually straight, clear, cylindrical boles up to 70 feet long, above small buttresses.

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KERUING PROPERTIES: Classified as a medium hardwood. Heartwood varies from light red to dark brown, darkening on exposure; sapwood is distinct greyish-brown, usually 4-8 cm wide.

PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES: Keruing generally compares with teak in most strength categories, but it is a little stiffer, and about 40 percent more resistant to shock loads.

Keruing Appearance 

Color: Pink-brown to dark brown, sometimes with a purple tint.

Grain – reasonably straight with occasional interlocking.

Texture – Moderately coarse but even

USES ofKeruing: Truck flooring, heavy goods vehicles, pier decking, exterior window cills, structural blockwork, road and street bollards, heavy duty industrial flooring. It is generally chosen for this type of use due to its load bearing strength, its hardness, its durability and its relatively low cost.

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